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We are a Proud Exclusive Installer of 

Our premium shop in Lodi, California (San Joaquin County) focuses on Automotive Window Tint, Architectural Window Film and Xpel Paint Protection “Clear Bra” Film. We are very proud of our shop’s reputation and fast growing business in the film industry. 

With technology advancing, car enthusiasts are having much better options to protect their vehicles. Whether you’re driving a Honda, Tesla or a McClaren we will find the solution for you. We decided to work exclusively with XPEL Technologies because of the advanced products they offer in films. Our shop focuses on Automotive Window Tint, Clear Bra and Architectural Window Films. Perfect fitted patterns from our DAP software, computer cutting all our films to perfection.


Window tint is known to be the best and most popular upgrade you can make to your vehicle. Adding privacy, UV protection and Superior Heat reduction. Here at RPTINTING we offer two window films: XPEL PRIME CS – Color stable dyed film which has 99.9% UV Protection, 27% IR Heat rejection and a lifetime guarantee. XPEL PRIME XR – Nano Ceramic film which has 99.9% UV Protection, 87% IR Heat rejection and a lifetime guarantee.


Clear Bra is the number one way to prevent your cars paint from getting destroyed by outside conditions. We all know how it feels to have a brand new car and all it takes is one rock to damage your vehicle. With Xpel Paint protection our computer cut film and certified staff will insure your vehicle is protected for 10 years. Along with protecting your vehicle, clear bra is extremely glossy and has an almost invisible finish.


With Vinyl wraps you can choose from thousands of colors to customize the look of your vehicle. We have a certified body shop the removes the car parts safely and with certified installers doing the install your car will look better than ever. 

Paint Correction

Your paint gets damaged from Improper washing, drying, bird decay, tree branches and UV damage. With paint correction we go through an intensive buffing process. Some cars need a 3 stage paint correction while others need a simple polish. If you are trying to bring your car back to life bring it to us and we can correct it! 

 Ceramic Coatings 

Our world-class chemists have created a nano ceramic coating unlike any other. Nano ceramic coatings are vastly superior to traditional waxes and paint sealants. R1 Coatings™ will bond to the surface of your vehicle at the molecular level to form an ultra durable barrier and provide permanent protection and shine.